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The Karl Schlecht Stiftung (KSG) is committed to supporting scientific research, teaching and education by offering a practical and effective approach. This philosophy applies to all areas assisted by the KSG with the principle of interpreting science as a means for individually searching and finding the intrinsic truth. The objective is to get to the bottom of matters with enthusiasm and with the philosophically ennobled concept of love – entirely in line with the motto of the KSG


“Seeking and fostering GOODNESS itself”.


Our foundation therefore sponsors prestigious universities and research institutions in the present core areas of “Excellence in leadership based on the principles of characterology”, “motivation and human factors that impact good entrepreneurship”, “organisational psychology”, the “World Ethos Idea” as confidence building element and ethics guide for successful people in the global business.


In addition, there are other sponsored  areas such as “wind energy”, “saving of energy costs” and those technologies which, after all, earned the money for the foundation projects.




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