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Jack Welch - Winning - This is Management

Jack Welch is the most important living management legend. Under his guidance, General Electric became one of the most successful companies worldwide. Now he wants to pass on his knowledge and his methods. In his book he lets readers know what has to be done to become outstandingly successful as manager.

Jack Welch teaches how to learn to win!

He is the prototype of an active, take-charge manager who takes action energetically whenever necessary, who rolls up his sleeves and gets to work, who always seeks the direct contact with his employees. His success proves that he is doing right. In the 20 years on top of General Electric he was able to increase the market value by 20 times and turn this company into the most profitable enterprise with the highest market capitalisation in the world. Epoch making new management methods helped Welch to break through.

For the first time, Welch reveals the secrets of his success. This is the book written by the worldwide most successful manager with plenty of practical and proven success guaranteeing methos of a manager!  

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