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KSG real estate




Grunewaldstr. 61-62
10825 Berlin

construction year: 2010

property area: 1.337 m²
rental space: 4.540 m²

Office Building
Main tenant: Hyder Consult, LBB


PAN at Garbáty
Garbátyplatz 1-2
13187 Berlin

construction year: 2013

property area: 2.240 m²
rental space: 5.590 m²

Office building
Main tenants: Edeka, dm, doctors, pharmacy


Oranienburger Str. 38
10117 Berlin

Construction year: 1893
reburbishment: 2006

property area: 867 m²
rental space: 2.602 m²

Rented Apartments, hotels
Main tenant: Hotel 38



Colonnaden 5
20354 Hamburg

Construction Year: 1880

Rental space: ca. 660 m²
Rental space: 2.659 m²

Office Building, Restaurant
main tenant: Bankhaus M.M. Warburg & CO



Am Echazufer 24
72764 Reutlingen

Construction Year: 1994

Rental space: ca. 4.000 m²

Office Building
Main tenant: Kanzlei Voelker & Partner, Riehle + Assoziierte



Urbanstr. 7
70182 Stuttgart

Construction year: 1956
Reburbishment: 2000

Former Consulate General of the USA, 1959 Paul-Bonatz-Price

Property area: 1.750 m²
rental space: 3.911 m²

Office Building
Main tenant: Thuemmel, Schuetze & Partner GbR, Land BW


   Hansa Building
   Sigmaringer Str. 107
   70567 Stuttgart

   Construction year: 2015

   Property area: 48 à 23
   Rental space: 5.555 m²

   Office and commercial building
   Main tenant: Hansa Metallwerke GmbH




Wilhelmstr. 134
72074 Tübingen

Construction year: 1954
Modernisation: 1984 & 1991

Rental space: 991 m²

Residential and Office building
Main tenant: Orthopädisches Praxiszentrum


Hintere Grabenstr. 26
72070 Tübingen

rental space: 95 m²

Commercial unit
tenant: Erich Fromm Stiftung



Industriestr. 10
75382 Althengstett

property area: 21.000 m²
rental space: 10.531 m²

Commercial property
Main tenant: Messebau Keck




USA, Racine / Wisconsin

KSG Racine Property (KRP) - ex PM Real Estate (PRE)

Putzmeister Inc. in Racine / Wisconsin, USA is based in Racine/Wisconsin on a plot of land of around 100.000 m2 which presently belongs to KSG (until 2012 the land belonged to Putzmeister Real Estate GbR PRE).

In this factory, products and parts for the US and other Export markets are developed and mounted.

Since the beginning of 2012 PRE belongs is a property of the Karl Schlecht Stiftung. Before, this huge US factory site belonged to Primus Industriepark GmbH & Co. KG (owner Karl Schlecht). Thanks to Special double Taxation Agreements in the US Karl Schlecht was able to donate this private property taxfree to his Foundation KSG.





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