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Stiftung Bildung

Foundation for Education - "to raise a child needs a whole village“
Education and training are not only the job of school, kindergarten and family. It needs rather the famous whole “village" in order to create a successful educational life for all children and young people.

The Foundation for Education pursues the purpose to support associations of foundations in schools and kindergartens in engaging in diverse works and to strengthen civic involvement and engagement. By this way, the conditions of the educational support and training for children and juveniles should be improved.  Within its key issues “Building Bridges ", " Creativity & Talents ", " School Experiments" and "Social Justice " , it supports associations of foundations in schools and kindergartens financially and conceptually in their work. Through its nationwide network connected with associations of foundations, the Foundation for Education draws on ideas and suggestions as well as recommending suitable partners for projects.

The Karl Schlecht Foundation sponsors the Foundation for Education, as the systematic networking of schools and extern non-school partners make an essential contribution to the academic development.

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