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Erich Fromm books and videos

In addition to the Erich Fromm Foundation and Erich Fromm Institute in Tübingen (EFIT) initiated and sponsored by the KSG.

Learning means continuous change from one`s own knowledge...

The inner attitude to treat others with love facilitates this learning process. As a guide reference is made to the absolute classic of Erich Fromm:

1. "The art of loving", Harper, ISBN-Nr. 0-06-112973-9, Amazon-Link

In this exceptional book which was sold 25 Million times wordwide Erich Fromm explains that learning to love is an essential prerequisite for inner growth and prosperity.

Another highly recommended book in line with the objectives of the KSG are the following books:

2. To have or to be, Bloomsbury, ISBN-No. PM-978-7809-3680-2
This fascinating book makes understand the difference between „HAVE“ and „BE“ to realise what is really important in life.

3. Man for himself, Kindle Edition.
With this illuminating book Fromm sets himself the task no less than to identify „what man is, how he ought to live, and how the tremendous energies within man can be released and used productively”

4. "Psychoanalysis and Religion",  Open Road, New York, Kindle Edition.

5. Erich Fromm – For the love of life, an illustrated biography from Dr. Rainer Funk, dtv-Verlag, ISBN-Nr. 978-3-423-34669-6, Amazon Link

This pictured biography gives a comprehensive overview of the life and thinking of the great humanist Erich Fromm. From 1974 until his death (1980) Dr. Rainer Funk was Erich Fromm`s assistant. 

Videos about Erich Fromm

1. - The Essential Erich Fromm by Thiago da Costa
2. - Personality Presentation by Patricia Martinez
6. - Erich Fromm speaks about  "The  sense of life"
7. - Robert Robinson Interview with Erich Fromm about "To Have or to be".



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