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As of 2012, the K.S.G. will provide a long-term financial contribution for the establishment of the Leadership Excellence Institute at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen.

The Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin will put its main focus on research and will provide teaching in the following:

  • Globalisation as challenge for value management in economy and socienty
  • Formal and informal governance structures as basis for ecnonomic success
  • Business Leadership in theory and practice with a focus on moral Leadership

Detailed information can be found in German language in the following SM 120525 covering the important foundation project of the Karl Schlecht Gemeinnützige Stiftung for the Zeppelin University. Please also find an interesting article taken from the Schwäbische Zeitung dated 6th July 2012.

More about the inauguration ceremony of the new Leiz Institute and ceremonial speeches of the President of the Zeppelin University, Prof. Dr. Jansen, of the founder Karl _Schlecht and the inaugural address of Prof. Dr. Wieland.

The founder`s intention is for LEIZ to primarily focus on character development by cooperating with an Erich Fromm Chair at the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU) in Berlin. Information about the psychology of a Leadership Excellence according to Erich Fromm can be read here.

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