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Entrepreneurship Education fund

Think and act entrepreneurially - operate ethically and sustainably

How will I live? Is the economy actually fair? What can I do as an individual for a fair economy and society? Children and young people are already thinking about a future worth living. We need answers to these questions - so that young people can successfully shape their future and that of society.

The Karl Schlecht Foundation has therefore set up the "Entrepreneurship Education" fund with the Stiftung Bildung in order to support school projects throughout Germany that strengthen entrepreneurial thinking and action on the part of schoolchildren - before the guiding principle of ethical and sustainable management. In addition, the positive attitude of students towards self-employment and sustainable entrepreneurship should be promoted.

All secondary schools with existing or new projects to promote responsible entrepreneurial thinking and acting (e.g. student companies, AGs/clubs, business games, repair cafés, maker garages, projects for sustainable energy supply, take-and-give shops) can apply.


Pictures: (c) Stiftung Bildung Heiner Schepp (Right side), (c) ebenda (left and middle)

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