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mehrwert - Agency for Social Learning

mehrwert (added value) - Strengthening social competence and personality development in Schools

The demands of employers and universities today demand more social competence from young people. However, today's family environment no longer seems to be the appropriate framework for its adequate mediation. The expectations placed on schools have risen enormously to comprehensively and sustainably promote skills such as the ability to communicate and deal with conflicts, the ability to work in a team, initiative, responsibility and a constant willingness to learn and adapt. 

As a result, teachers or schools are increasingly overwhelmed by a flood of projects to promote social competence - and are often overwhelmed by the need to select the right offer for their pupils. On the other hand, teachers are provided with too few or no resources for the targeted teaching of social competence.

At the same time, too little attention is paid to the question of the leadership competence of school principals - as a prerequisite for the sustainable implementation of a social curriculum.


Strategic support by Agentur mehrwert

mehrwert consults therefore teachers and rectors in the preparation and implementation of systematic social curriculum. In addition, it supports them in the selection and recommendation of appropriate coaches, training and social projects for external non-school partners.

The Karl Schlecht Foundation supports mehrwert because it makes an effective contribution to the transmission of values and the development of personality and character building by children and adolescents.


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Speech of Dr. Christine Dörner

The lecture of Dr. Christine Dörner, Senior Expert at the Führungsakademie Baden-Württemberg, took place within the framework of the Fachtag "Schulcurriculum Soziale Kompetenzen" (School Curriculum Social Competences) organised by Agentur mehrwert on 8.5.2019 at the Schickhardt-Gymnasium in Stuttgart.

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