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Endowed chair of rail vehicle technology (SST)

Endowed chair rail vehicle technology - energy-efficient mobility

The state of Baden -Württemberg is a very important location for many areas of security of mobility , which is reflected in the research area " Automobile and Traffic Engineering " at the University of Stuttgart. This research area also includes the rail vehicle technology, to which is attached important significance in particular under the aspect of energy- efficient and environmental sustainable mobility.

The chair holder represents thereby the professional field of rail vehicle technology and components as well as their application-oriented implementation and maintenance in the framework of his potentials in research and teaching. He will set up a cooperation platform together with the partners from industry and transport companies for teaching, training, knowledge transfer and research in the field of rail vehicle technology and develop it into a research and transfer center at the University of Stuttgart. To realize it, the KSG supported the establishment of the infrastructure of the department in the form of two scientific staff positions for an initial period of three years.

More information on www.f07.uni

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