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Die PRIMUS Industriepark GmbH & Co. KG owns and rents out in Gründau- Rothenbergen, 30 min Northwest of Frankfurt Airport  and the A 66 to Fulda - an industrial site of approx.  217.000 sqm.  Thereof, a floor space of 90.000 sqm is being used for office buildings, production and storage halls. The industrial park owns more than 28.000 sqm of hall space as well as 3.600 sqm of office space that are allocated over several floors. The industrial park is predominantly used by the Putzmeister group, but also by other approx. 30 industrial and service companies which are active in the closer and farther area.

In the whole, the factory premises in Gründau can be considered as Putzmeister`s site for growth and extension, because the location in Aichtal will reach a capacity limit until the end of 2010 caused by too high costs and building of the Mortar Machine factory on this site. 

The factory in Gründau of the Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH manufactures all arm assemblies for the Putzmeister Group worldwide.


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Site Plan

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