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PRIMUS Industriepark GmbH & Co. KG

The PRIMUS Industriepark GmbH & Co. KG completely belongs to Dipl. Ing. Karl Schlecht, the founder of Putzmeister.

Primus Industriepark Gründau (IPG) accomodates numerous companies as well as Putzmeister Stahlbau for the production of distribution booms and the electronic department. The open-air ground which is located outside the company fencing lies directly at the express highway and will serve as additional area whenever this company is expanding.

Until the end of 2011 Primus also administrated the building in Racine which is leased to Putzmeister America, Sturtevant, Wisconsin. On this ground which was first covered with buildings in 1992 were invested the earnings which were gained by the sales of the premises of the former Putzmeister Thomsen Equipment in Los Angeles. There, from 1983 onwards, Putzmeister mounted concrete pumps on US Chassis to secure the local market. Since the beginning of 2012 these earlier PRE premises belong to the non-profit foundation KSG (Karl Schlecht Gemeinnützige Stiftung).

Furthermore, from 2009 onwards Primus is engaged in Wind Energy and solar installations including their activities abroad.


PRIMUS Industriepark GmbH & Co.
Gutenbergstraße 4
72631 Aichtal

Tel. 07127-599-403
Fax 07127-960-502
email: BloehsJ(at)


Dipl.-Ing. Karl Schlecht (Managing Director)

Dipl.-Ing. Jan-Dirk Blöhs, Real estate manager (EBS) -  (Business manager, with power of attorney Primus KG)

Regine Bollenbach (comm. manager of Industriepark Gründau)

Gerhard Fiege (registered commercial manager of Industriepark Althengstett and Industriepark Kirchheim)


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