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The Golden Rule

What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.

Published on the search for entrepreneurial morale and values in the brochure "Working together at Putzmeister".

The so-called Golden Rule and the 10 commandments of the bible are part of our brochure PM 1424 "Working together at Putzmeister".  When I as asked in 1991 why some employees were against including the "Golden Rule" in the document I got the answer that many company members from abroad could not be obliged to do so or would not understand. The following document proves that the essential  statements of the Golden Rule have been globally respected and observed by most philosophies of life and religions for centuries.

The complete personnel information 99011 which is still in German can be downloaded here.

Here you will find SM 121127 - and an interpretation of the Golden Rule by Leonhard Swidler.

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