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The 5-Question probe

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Rotary ideals and the 5-question probe - please read PM 98100 (5-question probe). The 5-question probe roots in the rotary 4-question probe, more explanation regarding this adjustment for K.S.G as well as the history of the Rotarian 4-Question probe  please read SM 121129.

The 5-Way Self Test - of the things we think, say or do...

      • Is it the TRUTH?
      • Am I honest, open-minded, straightforward?
      • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
      • Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?
      • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

How It makes us more effective and efficient...

The 5-Way Self Test has been used by good people since decades successfully around the world in business, government and communities as an effective measuring stick for a guide to right thinking and consequent conduct. If memorized and constantly applied to relations with others by everybody, it will contribute to fair and more effective and friendlier relationships.

The test is an effective instrument to develop respect and understanding between and inside companies. In the Putzmeister group they act as so-called Fairness Rules for effective and efficient cooperation. They help to clear and hold clean all those fields and hidden corners in mutual relationships, which are not yet or can not be cleared in writing nor can be foreseen for future situations.

So since years already they became an integral part of PM business fundamentals (PM 1200, PM 1424) and part of the prefix for all internal and external contracts to cultivate trustful relations. Employees who repeatedly breach them, cannot become true company members and - based on the following evident deterioration in mutual trust and consequent waste in values - must leave, not regarding their level of responsibility.

The 5 Question Probe is even superseded by the Golden Rule and we suggest that you first memorize all four lines of the 5-Way Test and then form the habit of checking your thoughts, words and deeds with it. It helps to put a small sicker with it on the front side of your telephone and computer screen. Everybody must remember his superior, should he infringe.

If you get routine in checking your thoughts, words and deeds against The 5-Way Test, experience has shown, that it will help you personally become happier and more successful.

You will however find, that - inspite of searching for success form it - you can not yet effectively apply this Self Test to all your relations with others eight hours each day in business - as it should be done. This only functions after you gain the habit of doing it also in your home, social and community life. You thus become a better father, a better friend, a better citizen and finally a well respected and sucessful businessman.

To follow the 5 Way test is daclared to be an integral element of the essential rules for our PLO - Putzmeister Learning Organization. This means they must be learned first!

Karl Schlecht,

Human rights - human responsibilities of the United Nations. This is essential in true partner-like relations and employment contracts, where fairness must be amended by feeling responsible for eachother in proving „not to do something to somebody (our next), which we would not accept for ourselves".


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