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The 10 commandments of the Bible - PM 99019 GB

As with all other aspects of life on earth, our coexistence in the business can also only progress if we respect our basic values, which have proven successful as basic ethical rules for thousands of years. Included among these are the Golden Rule and also the human rights issued by the United Nations in 1948 and the Human resonsibilities from 1997.

Many people are surprised that, in the end, they are unhappy or unsuccessful in life, cannot find fulfillment and wander along in the vain search for this fulfillment throughout life. In this process they become mentally and physically ill. This often happens because they do not respect these basic values, deride them or even consciously violate them.

Reason as a gift of God is a convincing criterion for conscientious entrepreneurs: Immorality is too expensive!

Not without reason Gandhi said: "Business without ethics is a sin"

The 10 Commandments of the Bible is basic value scale for PM as well! You can download the corresponding personnel information PM 99019 as pdf here.

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