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My philosphy of life

This website is certainly not the appropriate place to whisk you away to a philosophical sphere. On the other hand, however, I would like to put a few thoughts and personal convictions to you that have proved themselves as indispensable guideposts to me on my way as an entrepreneur.

Wherever people live and work together, be that in corporations, associations, religious circles, interest groups etc., as a result of their task, goal, environmental conditions and characteristic conduct of those in charge socially typical qualities and norms will crystallise which determine the type of action.

The integration of new members to the group is not possible unless there is a shared opinion based on the mentioned norms. Failing that, newcomers will not fit in with us as they differ from the culture the group lives out or its laid down group philosophy, i.e. they are not in agreement with the group members’ character or inner “distinguishing marks.

For Rotarians, for example, such a culture-determining norm is the „Four Questions Test applied to  everything we do. The test is based on lived experiences in a Chicago company in 1932 and has become, as part of our PM company ethics, our code of trust or rule of fairness which, in future, is to be part of the foreword of every company contract.

Is it the truth? Am I honest?

Is it fair to all concerned?

Will it increase goodwill and friendship?

Will it be beneficial to all concerned



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