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Therefore, I edit here chapter 2 from “WINNING – written by Jack Welch the best CANDOR – description for business people and their daily practice.

I think that all of us that we can win by reading this book repeatedly or by occasionally studying  selected chapters. So spontaneously, I issued during Whitsunday this SM 06054 in an enjoyable effort to contribute to the holy spirit of Putzmeister – meaning help open-mindedness and honesty to foster our company culture. I must realize however, that 50% in human candor brings us already near to heaven on this human earth - as Jack reminds at the end of this chapter 2.

This complies to the sense of the first of the rotarian 4 question probe (am I truthful - am I honest?) as our trust building formula (transformed into the 5-question-probel) to which all company members are committed. Trust and honesty dramatically reduce the so called “’Transaction Costs in a company - as explained in the excellent book “TRUST from Fukuyama (in our library).



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