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[Translate to Englisch:] Karl Schlecht erhält Universitätspreis 2017

The University of Tübingen has awarded the University Prize 2017 to the entrepreneur and founder of the foundation, Professor h. c. Karl Schlecht.

Rector Professor Bernd Engler presented the prize during the Dies Universitatis ceremony on October 18, 2017.

The laudation was held by Professor Dr. Dr. h c. Klaus Michael Leisinger, President of the Global Values Alliance Foundation.

The keynote speech was held by Professor Dr. Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer, Director of the China Centrum Tübingen.

You can find Karl Schlecht's acceptance speech here.

With this award, the Rectorate honors Karl Schlecht's commitment to university research and teaching in Tübingen, particularly on the topic of "universal ethical standards and principles".

In 2012, the Karl Schlecht Stiftung, together with the Global Ethic Foundation and the University, founded the Global Ethic Institute Tübingen.

As an affiliated institute of the University, it promotes moral action in the global economy and the dialogue between cultures in research, teaching and public events (

The Karl Schlecht Foundation is also the sponsor of a Global Ethic Sister Institute at the University of Beijing, which also opened in 2012.

Impressions of the event can be found in this photostory.

The press release of the University of Tübingen can be found at



Fotos: Christoph Jäckle

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