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Happy Birthday3

 On 10 November 2017 the Karl Schlecht Foundation celebrated three times.

The building donated by the KSG for the Filderstadt Music School celebrated its first anniversary (see also FILUM - Karl Schlecht Musikschule).

It was also the 20th anniversary of the idea for the Karl Schlecht Foundation - it was born 20 years ago. Both coincided around the 85th birthday of Karl Schlecht.

These three special occasions were duly celebrated in a festive setting with musical accompaniment.

The varied evening with the talented musicians of the FILUM music school, interviews, stories from our sponsorship activities can either be reviewed again or - if you couldn't be there - you can watch the films.

The moderator Prof. Stephan Ferdinand led us through the evening. An Interview with Karl Schlecht  (39 min.) and a  filmisch summary (7 min.) are available on Youtube.

A bust of the founder Karl Schlecht, made by the sculptor Serge Mangin, also adorns the music school.

Instead of gifts, the Förderverein Musikschule Filderstadt e.V. has received donations of over 21,000 euros to date.

Karl Schlecht would like to thank all guests, companions and friends, musicians and KSG members as well as the relatives of the Putzmeister company.


Video about the event

Youtube-Film (7 Min.)

Interview Karl Schlecht

YouTube-Film (39 Min.)

Interview Prof. Erwin Teufel

YouTube-Film (4 Min.)

Photo book Filum celebration

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