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      |  Karl Schlecht  |  Ron Chernow

Titan - The life of John D. Rockefeller, SR.

Karl Schlecht:  It is fascinating to learn in this engrossing book about the character of this entrepreneur who was brought up with a good philosophy of life.  Many models of conduct in our mostly brutal nature were followed by him in the hard competition of his capitalist society. Consequent struggling in the "Survival of the Fittest" did not make him complain, but made him recognize problems and jump at chances quicker than others. Consequently, he acted in a christian way in accordance with the world aimed for by God. Many "human beings" unfortunately are reluctant to this knowledge.

Why are many churches and people so upset about the ungracious competition in our global economy? What many do not know: The "Titan" Rockefeller who praised the contact with people as most important leadership value showed noble humanity when returning his immense property back to society "in an intelligent way" - like many good entrepreneurs. Rich is only a person who can renounce on most things.

How oblivious and unjust now seems the society whom he served. A comprehensive book from which we can still learn a lot today.


An exciting book - and interesting to read also a second time.


Here are some interesting extracts for interested readers

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