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The KSG Foundation in figures

In 2010, the capital assets of the Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG) amounted to still around 12 Mio. € which were mainly invested in securities and Value Global Fonds. The foundation financed its projects through the income generated from its assets. Before the merger of Putzmeister and Sany took place in early 2012, the KSG Foundation held 99% of the Putzmeister shares.  

Following the sale of all Putzmeister shares to Sany  (  and the additional contribution of private real estate (*)  of KS Immobilien the foundation owns assets worth more than 300 Mio. €. The assets are invested in broadly diversified capital investments and real estate.

Pursuant to the articles of association of a non-profit foundation more projects will be launched with a focus on "Excellence in professional life" - for improving competences and qualifications in entrepreneurship. 

(*) Plant in Althengstett

(*) Plant in Racine

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