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Alfred Herrhausen - A German career

Andreas Platthaus – from the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" has published an excellent book about Alfred Herrhausen: A German career. My business friend Johannes Kärcher, presented it to me as a gift and I read it with great pleasure. Exactly like this extraordinary person Alfred Herrhausen I too am fascinated by the challenge to "think right". This means to uncover "the real and true" correlations, the interrelations and conditional interdepence and notional comprehension of the human being - as can be read on page 52. This finding of the truth is the scientific and profound way which was my "Leitmotiv" to bring Putzmeister to success and to gather 3.500 people around me.

I have given this book in gratitude to numerous friends whom I owe a lot. On this PDF you will find a  few extracts with my comments as stimulus to read this book in a quiet hour.




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