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The book about Karl Schlecht

Dr. Paul Fritz, who holds a doctorate in economics, wrote this book about Karl Schlecht, because he wanted to present a typical creative entrepreneur. His intention is to trace down the secrets of Karl Schlecht`s entrepreneurial success. If you would like to download the book (PM 4217 - only in German language), please click here (Dateigröße 5,6 MB).

My library


The fact which type of books a person reads allows to assess his intellectual interests. My library comprises a big collection of all kind of books. The following book recommendations can nevertheless indicate only a small number of books which I have read recently with great interest.


Books which I give away to my family, friends and company members are supposed to give joy and to create a stimulus to educate oneself further and get new input.


I personally am not fixed on a certain genre of book, but I am open minded for a vast kaleidoscope of management literature, biographies, poetry as well a literature with a philosophic, religious, ethic and cultural background.

I would nevertheless like to highlight literature by Erich Fromm who is pictured above. Excellent leadership and right decision making are the most important success factors in professional life. Possessing excellent leadership qualities goes hand in hand with good character development. Literature by Fromm is a great tool for exactly this character building which will be integrated in the foundation project LEIZ (Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin) in Friedrichshafen.

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