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Welcome to the Karl Schlecht website

This website can be seen as a living knowledge platform for the many young people supported by the most different foundations projects of Karl Schlecht Stiftung (KSG).

It`s content ist based on the life experience of the Putzmeister founder Dipl.-Ing. Karl Schlecht and gives evidence of his new entpreneurial role managing director of his non-profit foundation which began its activities in 1998. 

The Karl Schlecht Foundation organized the KSG-Forum GOOD LEADERSHIP on 10.10.2018. All information about this foundation event can be found here. 

A filmic portrait of Schlecht on Youtube.

Please find the website of the KSG on

Karl Schlecht

Information about Karl Schlecht 

KSG Stiftung

Information about the Karl Schlecht non-profit foundation 


Information about activities in China

Putzmeister Post 

Information about Putzmeister anniversary - No. 74


Information about other Karl Schlecht companies

Diesel Medal

Diesel Medal honors Putzmeister ideas

Karl Schlecht

More about Karl Schlecht
Biography "Im Leben gewinnen"
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(*) Goodness itself

What is goodness?
What is goodness itself?

Please read SM 131001.

(**) Die World Ethics Idea

What lies behind the World Ethics idea?

Explanations in SM 121126

Learning From Others

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