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  • Religion unites communities of faith; How can we help to overcome the everlasting global religious conflicts with the confidence-building Worldethos idea?
    Understanding the Worldethos idea creates "trust" and is the basis for being able to love - also love to do. That is why we will speak more of a trust ethos in the future.

Welcome to the Karl Schlecht website

This website is designed as a living knowledge platform for the many young people supported by the Karl Schlecht Gemeinnützige Stiftung (KSG) in foundation projects.

You can find the founder's motive for founding the foundation and the purpose of the foundation here.

The content of this website, designed as a knowledge platform, is largely based on the life experience of the founder of the Putzmeister company, Dipl.-Ing. Karl Schlecht (88), and, in addition to his extensive private interests, provides particular testimony to his new entrepreneurial role as founder and director of his charitable foundation, which began in 1998. He also appreciates the motto "Always be Grateful" adopted from SANY 2012.

KSG has been promoting the Global Ethic idea for confidence building in profit-oriented business since 1998. Especially for this purpose, the founder founded the Weltethos Institut Tübingen (WEIT) in 2012. His KSG supports this institute on a long-term basis with an annual sum of EUR 1 million for the analysis of the formation and effect of trust in business dealings with one another; deliberately not for the huge lack of trust in business, society and politics.

Supported by scientific research, the aim is to stimulate the learning of students at the University of Excellence in Tübingen in a practice-oriented way in the sense of "ethical" personal development. This is because we need role models for "good leadership" in value-oriented business.

At the same time, KSG has been supporting the Küng's "Stiftung Weltethos Tübingen (SWT)" since 1998 until 2022 after the founding of WEIT no longer institutionally with currently approx. 350,000 EUR p.a. The funds will be used for the projects "Global Ethic in Schools" and for the " Global Ethic Speeches". Unfortunately, the speakers hardly ever emphasize clearly enough the original ethics of the commandments as the core of the WE idea and essence of our Western culture, which is important to us, not even in their public appearances or publications.

In addition to this website, which is maintained by the founder as a knowledge platform, and which is designed in great detail and continuously updated, there is also the "KSG-Public Website" with many links to


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Karl Schlecht

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Biography "Im Leben gewinnen"
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(*) Goodness itself

What is goodness?
What is goodness itself?

Please read SM 131001.

(**) The World Ethics Idea

What lies behind the World Ethics idea?

Explanations in SM 121126

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