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Network for teaching entrepreneurship NFTE

Promoting entrepreneurship in schools

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship e.V. (NFTE) has been offering an internationally proven "Entrepreneurship Education" module for teachers of all types of schools since 1987, i.e. a module for the pedagogical teaching of entrepreneurial thinking and acting. NFTE is a member of the initiative "Entrepreneurship in Schools" of the Federal Ministry of Economics and qualifies teachers as "Certified Entrepreneurship Teachers" (CET).

Due to the high relevance of early "Entrepreneurship Education", the Karl Schlecht Foundation has been supporting NFTE since 2014. The aim is to promote students' economic understanding and entrepreneurial skills and development potential. This also includes strengthening the motivation to become entrepreneurial oneself.

Since 2017, the NFTE programme has been offered at universities, specifically at eight universities of teacher education and specialist seminars in Baden-Württemberg, in order to sensitise prospective teachers to the topic of "Entrepreneurship Education".

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