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mehrwert - Agency for Social Learning


mehrwert (added value) - An agency to strengthen social competence and development of personality at school

The demands of employers and universities in the social competence of young people have grown. But such competences could not often be cultivated in the families. Meanwhile, schools are more expected to improve competences comprehensively and sustainably such as communication skills, abilities to resolve conflicts, self-dependence, teamwork spirit, flexibility and responsibility of pupils and students.

On this background, teachers and schools are often wrapped on the one hand by a flood of projects that improve social competences. They are overwhelmed to select appropriate programs for their pupils. On the other hand, too few resources are provided for teachers to realize targeted transmission of social competences.


Strategic support by Agentur mehrwert

mehrwert consults therefore teachers and rectors in the preparation and implementation of systematic social curriculum. In addition, it supports them in the selection and recommendation of appropriate coaches, training and social projects for external non-school partners.

The Karl Schlecht Foundation supports mehrwert because it makes an effective contribution to the transmission of values and the development of personality and character building by children and adolescents.


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