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What´s World Ethics Institute Beijing (WEIB) see WB 120927

Goldethics  (SM 131122) : Fair Business based on Golden Rule - Competing with Integrity

On the initiative of Karl Schlecht the World Economic Ethics Institute at Tübingen University (WEIT) was founded in May 2011 and the start of it began in the summer semester 2012.

The Karl Schlecht Foundation KSG makes yearly and long-term contributions of 1 Million Euros to support WEIT. According to its statutes, the purpose of this World Economic Ethics Institute is the practical ethical awareness in business life.

The objective is qualify human beings to be successful in the global competitive world by following Karl Schlecht`s motto:

Enjoy to Serve, Improve and Create values .

The foundation of the Economic Ethic Institute Tübingen (WEIT) is based on the 7 ethic guidelines (SM 130130) which are supposed to serve as spiritual fundament for the articles of association and rules and regulations of the institute. These guidelines were issued by the founder in the declaration of foundation (SM 121004 / WD 110204).

In his "World Ethos Handbook" Prof. Hans Küng explains how the beginning and orientation of the institute from his point of view, respectively that of the World Ethic Foundation SWT (WD 130101). Against this background and in the sense of further developing the founder`s ideas regarding:

"What means the World Ethos Idea for us" (SM 121126)

in the following text Karl Schlecht explains his vision for the future of the World Ethos Institute Tübingen (WEIT)


value catalog from Triade

7 guiding rules

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