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Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG)

The Karl Schlecht Stiftung is a charitable foundation and was founded as a charitable foundation under civil law in October 1998. It is based in Aichtal near Stuttgart and has an office in Berlin.

Their guiding idea is the improvement of leadership in business and society through humanistic values. Against this background, it promotes the holistic, value-oriented personal development of young people and prospective managers. To this end, it supports impact-oriented projects and institutions in the five funding areas of leadership, ethics, education, culture and technology.

The mission statement of the Karl Schelcht Foundation is an essential part of KSG governance, which is prescribed by the founder. You will find the mission statement here and in the KSG activity report 2018 in German language. KSG's mission statement consists of the mission, vision and catalogue of values.

The founder, graduate engineer Karl Schlecht, was the founder and owner of the concrete pump world market leader Putzmeister

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