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Projects of KSG

When seeking and fostering GOODNESS itself the  Karl Schlecht Stiftung sponsors noteworthy projects and institutions with an ethical approach of business. It therefore promotes projects in the area of arts, sciences and education, with a focus on biophile character building of young people on the basis of the life experience of the founder.

Mission Statement of the Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG)

The Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG), located in Aichtal near Stuttgart, fosters life-affirming values in men and women’s professional and work encounters with each other. As each person seeks and encourages the embrace of goodness for its own sake, this ethical behavior leads to the fulfilment of each person and her/his capacities for a truly human ife.

Consequently, KSG fosters lifelong learning passion for active character formation aimed at developing good leadership as the essential success factor in business – and life in general.

The following are our most important areas to focus on in order to reach this goal: Character-analysis and Education, the Arts and Culture and, true to our tradition, engineering excellence.

Already as a student engineer Karl Schlecht founded the Putzmeister company in 1958, and forty years later in 1998 he founded the charitable Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG), and transferred all his Putzmeister company shares to it.

With its spirit to serve, to improve and to create values Putzmeister became a world market leader in with its hig tech concrete and mortar pumps, growing to a global sales volume of 1 billion Euros with 4,000 employees worldwide in 2007.

Karl Schlecht, for KSG, sold all the Putzmeister shares  to the SANY Company (China) because it holds the same values, ensuring thereby continuity for “his” company. Consequently in 2015 the KSG disposes of 400 Million Euros equity as an independent foundation.

In keeping with the intentions of the founder, the Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG) fosters those human values with LOVE as effective factors that made its formation possible. 

You will find an overview of the current project under the heading “Foundation projects”.

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