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China Center Tübingen (CCT)

The astounding economic rise of China is associated with the establishment of an extensive international network and global integration of the country – especially with Germany. This process is a growing need for us to deal with the historically based ethical values and explain present moral concepts. They characterize contemporary China since information deficits and distorted earlier views still prevail, and they can negatively affect the collaboration between both countries. Against the background of the globalization driven „global village“ we have to create the conditions for better dialogue and sympathetic coexistence of civilizations. This mutual responsibility calls for the building of mutual trust.

For this purpose, the Karl Schlecht Foundation and Tübingen University jointly initiated the China Center Tübingen (CCT), which officially opened on April 21, 2016, and fills a gap in today's China research. Read here the Mission Statement of CCT (SM 160202) and the Welcome Speech by Prof. Karl Schlecht.

The task and special challenge of  CCT will be to analyse and explain prevailing value conceptions, ethical standards and intellectual thoughts in China, thereby transferring the research findings into the German economic landscape. This makes it possible to early recognise potential conflicts between German and Chinese business partners.  

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CCT-Mission Statement: SM 160202

Photo Story: Opening Ceremony of CCT

Welcome Speeches for CCT-Opening

Prof. TU Weiming

Prof. Karl Schlecht

Speech of Prof. Dr. Helwig Schmiddt-Glintzer

On 8 May 2019, Prof. Dr. Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer spoke in the Bundestag about the rigorous party politics in China, which were pressing religious communities. (please see Video, source Mediathek German Bundestag).

About Humanism

 Discourse about Spiritual Humanism - by Prof. TU, Weiming

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